About Us

We are here to spread spirituality and blessings all around you.

Introducing Prabhu Prasad, the official store for all your spiritual needs, managed by BKMedia. We believe that Prasad, a Sanskrit word with various meanings, goes beyond just food offered to God. It represents happiness, blessings, and spiritual well-being. At Sarangpur Dham Store, we aim to spread these divine blessings to the world.

With Prabhu Prasad, you can now bring the blessings of Lord Kashtbhanjan Dev, also known as Hanumanji, right to your doorstep. Our store offers a wide range of spiritual products and services tailored to meet the specific needs of devotees like you.

Whether you're seeking sacred artifacts, religious books, devotional music, or spiritual guidance, Prabhu Prasad has got you covered. We are dedicated to providing a seamless and enriching shopping experience that helps you connect deeply with your faith and spirituality.

At Prabhu Prasad, we understand the significance of divine blessings in our lives. By offering a curated selection of products and services, we aim to foster a sense of joy, contentment, and spiritual fulfillment in every devotee's journey.

Experience the power of Prasad and embrace the blessings of Lord Kashtbhanjan Dev with Prabhu Prasad. Let us help you enhance your spiritual practice and bring divine grace into your life.

Reasons for shopping with us.

  • Pure

    We provide the purest of things with maximum shelf life

  • Spiritual

    It is not just a thing, it is imbibed with spirituality.

  • Blessings

    Everything that you get is the blessings of Prabhu.

Our goal

We have started this initiative to reach to the people who can not reach to Kashtbhanjan dev. H.H. Shri Hariprakashdasji Swami has started this momentum with one goal, that to spread blessings and happiness all around the globe. This is just a medium for that one purpose. We are here to give you Kashtbhanjad dada’s blessings and love at your doorstep.